“What a wonderful experience of intuitive luxury! I felt the session was tailored to me & that Star has a variety of skills at her fingertips that she can intuitively move between.

The grounding & deeply relaxing massage switched off my overstimulated nervous system & the Aveda essences sprayed into the energy field left me feeling clear & cared for. I absolutely LOVED the hot stone massage! I imagined it would just be hot stones placed on the body but it was a massage WITH the hot stones . I can’t wait to go back for the hot & cold stone massage which must be like the body getting a finnish sauna & a workout in the snow whilst you lie back & drift into nirvana!” Lely

“As someone who used to suffer from high levels of anxieties, sometimes leading on to bouts of depression, I had to build into my life a series of measures to help me manage and stay on top these issues. Then about a year ago, an advert at work for a Indian Head Massage was received and Star walked into my life. Initially monthly but now every two weeks, Star’s Indian Head Massages have become a crucial, relaxing and enjoyable part of my life and helps me to manage my anxiety issues that up to 18 months or so ago dictated my life.  I would thoroughly recommend one of Star’s treatments in a relaxing, stress free environment, you will definitely feel your worries and concerns drift away and you’ll feel the benefits for days afterwards. A word of warning though, one visit and you’ll be addicted!!” P.

“I am 34 weeks pregnant with my first baby and have been considering having a pregnancy massage for months now, having been experiencing various aches and pains.  I’m so glad I picked Star and will now be trying to get as many in as I can before D Day! Star was super friendly, knowledgeable and professional, and immediately put me at ease. I do not often get massages and so it was nice to feel so relaxed straight away and that I could ask any questions without feeling stupid!  Star got the pressure exactly right, and I was so relaxed I drifted off several times.  This was a breakthrough for me as I have had a slightly stressful pregnancy and been finding it very difficult to switch off.  My back and shoulders feel loose and supple and I’ve no doubt that I will sleep better tonight.  Also, the products used are fantastic, my skin feels and smells gorgeous 8 hours later!  I would not hesitate to recommend The Star Treatment to all expectant mothers.  Five Stars for Star!”  Naomi

“Star was lovely and made me feel relaxed from the start. It was great to be pampered in my own living room, which suddenly became a quiet haven away from my little one downstairs being looked after by her Dad -perfect. I felt rejuvenated afterwards and would love to have a massage from her again. ”  Laura

“Star gave me a great Swedish massage treatment. She’s very professional and likeable. It was good value and a high quality massage better than some that I have had at a spa. I would highly recommend!” Ruth

“Amazing treatment. Feeling totally blissed out and pampered, exactly what I needed! A very therapeutic experience in the comfort of my own home, thank you to Star, and thank you for checking in with my chakras!!! The force is strong.  I highly recommend.” Lyndsey

“A big thank you for helping me with my back pain. I could feel the difference almost straight away and by last night the pain and stiffness had all but disappeared. It is such a relief to be able to move around again without having to think before I do anything.”  Jackie

“Really helped relieve stress and left me energised and more able to think clearly.  Highly recommend.”  Sofina

“I have had a few massages in my time and this was the best for making me feel relaxed from the outset.  The therapist  was intuitive, thorough and I felt great afterwards. Her manner friendly and polite. ”  Justin

“Great massage with really good treatment to back and shoulders. Perfect for stress relief and when you have been carrying a baby around.”  Jemma

“I recently received a Swedish massage and was really impressed by Stars professionalism and expertise. I have suffered with lower back pain for a number of years and have received various treatments, none of which have had the same benefits as I’ve felt after this massage.  Star was lovely and it’s was a really relaxing experience.  Would definitely recommend.”  Helen

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